Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to My Library

This post is a placeholder really, to remind myself that I have created a space to write about my ever expanding library. A space where I can review the books I read, as I read them.

I am yet to decide if I will go back and review books I have read before the creation of this blog. Though perhaps it is best if I don't. As then I may fall into bad habits.

I read, on average, 1 book each week, so hopefully this will be conducive to regular posting. If I am reading a particularly long book, or have been swamped with university assignments then perhaps I shall fall back upon things I have read and love this year.

Be warned, my reading habits are eclectic and my passion for narrative of any kind is far greater than my desire to find a 'perfect' book, so there is always something I admire or love about every book I read. I have also never studied literature, and lack any kind of formal training in how to critique a book, a plot, characters etc. what I do have is 15 years of accumulated passion.

Love it, Read it,

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